Digestive Disorders


Digestive diseases encompass any of a number of disorders of the digestive tract, including acid reflux, constipation, diarrhea, IBS and more. Complications of the digestive tract are of great concern as these important organs convert food to nutrients to feed our bodies.

There are many factors that contribute to these conditions. Lifestyle choices like poor eating habits and smoking are risk factors. Trauma, medications, infections, stress and more contribute to these diseases. Evidence continues to suggest that our nervous system and its failure to operate properly may be a factor in the development of many digestive disorders.

The brain stem, by way of the vagus nerve controls much of our digestive system. Subluxations in the neck can impede the function of the brain stem adversely affecting the rhythm of our digestion. Upper Cervical chiropractors, including Dr. Peddy, can help restore this function through their correction of these misalignments.

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